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Historic ship models

Navigare necesse est. “Have to sail.”

The nations that built great empires adhered to this Latin phrase from antiquity to the present. This where the reason to build more and more beautiful and larger ships. And of course, they ran the ships with fantastic abilities captains and admirals. The Greek Themistokles ,English Sir Francis Drake - Golden Hind , Admiral Nelson - Victory , the Spanish Lieutenant General José de Córdoba - Santísima Trinidad , Don Francisco de Toledo - Brave Captain San Felipe , Isaac de Launay Razilly - La Couronne , and the Russian captain Ingermanland ... Martin P Gosler . This list is impossible to complete because all the people were outstanding heroes. So back to the subject of the website: The Wooden Boat manufacturing model.

Here you can find those that show the power boats marine medieval empires. So the Spanish Holy Trinity and St. Philip, English HMS Bellona, HMS Agamemnon, Golden Hind, Mayflower. The Russian and Swedish Wasa Priediestinacja. Naturally we talked about the other boats Also making up the story. The Greek Trireme and later I'll post the famous Kon Tiki.

The site would like to provide the beginner and advanced model makers, their own and others' experiences, sharing ideas help Although I prefer the production of wood models, I learned a lot of useful tips on the filler, plastic, and paper model creators as well.

poracle bounty priediestinacja

Those who feel an affinity for this exciting hobby and just want to get started, I can give you some advice. First andforemost, any technique what you used. any drawing prepared by the ship on the basis of images ... when it's ready to be the best model you have ever seen. The second ... feel free to share your ideas with others during the preparation. Everybody will be happy to see it and also be utilized. The third ...share the preparation phase step by step with a picture, or the finished model, and feel free to ask anything here in the forum, or send me the title of the complete album and the link. I will put it in the gallery.

The website design drawings and documentation can be downloaded for free. The utilities are versatile helper "Scale" counting program and you can work directly with it, we accepted the shipping feet / inch size as well. The blueprints found in amount of each we continually expanded.

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